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The special bed designed to calm and relax your cat by stimulating their natural kneading response.Reddit gives you the best of the. but he really liked his cat bed so it worked.

Doubling as a soft bed, the BlanCat is a safe place for your cat to knead without.

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Cat Behaviorists believe kneading is a behavior cats learn as a kitten when.

My cat has recently started to knead this blanket while

Why Do Cats Knead? -

My cat has recently started to knead this blanket while purring loudly, ALL THE TIME. our cats will just sit and knead on it forever. put them in his cat bed.

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My cat Rory (AKA Kitty,. one his favorite pastimes has been kneading the comforter on the bed.Cat kneading is a favorite activity of many felines. sitting watching tv or lying in bed.

Kneading is when a cat pushes in and out with its feet, alternating between the left one and the right one.

Kneading might be done to pat down an area, making a cushy, cozy bed for sleeping.


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